Krabi Airport

Krabi International Airport (KBV) is about 15km from Krabi Town, it’s relatively small and easy to navigate.
Taxis, minivans and car hire are all available on site, as well as a bus which stops at all neighbouring towns – if you’re planning on using a taxi then it is recommended to pre-book, as now unauthorised taxis are not allowed on site.
The airport bus runs approximately 12 times per day, with prices ranging from 100-200 baht (obviously dependent on the location you’re heading).

Taxi prices also vary dependant on your destination; 350 baht (Krabi Town) – 2000/3000 (Koh Lanta).

KBV Krabi Airport

Getting around Krabi

As with the rest of Thailand you have a few options for travelling around the province;
Tuk tuks/Songthaews – usually cheaper than taxis and can be hired for full days if required, but be sure to confirm the price with the driver before setting off.
Taxis – Can be pre-booked with hotels or companies in the area for a fixed price.
Renting a scooter/motorbike – There are always many businesses offering motorbikes for hire, starting around 200 baht per day. But please be aware than insurance is rarely included so you are hiring at your own risk. It’s  recommend to bring a copy of your passport if you choose this option, under no circumstances should you hand over your actual passport as collateral (this is illegal).

Renting a car – There are numerous car rental agencies in most major locations, with the international agencies based mainly at the airport. Insurance is usually included, and smaller agencies may accept cash, but the larger more prominent agencies will most likely require a credit card.
If you fancy venturing out to any of the islands then longtail boats are usually your best option, the prices are fixed and can not be haggled down, although they’re still good value (only 200baht from Ao Nang to Railay) – tickets are available from booths on any of the beaches.

There are also charter boats available to visit any of the islands or just for hire, however the prices increase dramatically compared to the longtail boats.

Longtail boats in Krabi Thailand