Nightlife in Railay Peninsula

Railay Walking Street

Railay Walking Street is certainly the main area if you’re looking for nightlife. A stretch of around 300 metres, host to many restaurants, shops, activities, and a variety of reggae bars.

As with the rest of Railay Peninsula it has a strong ‘island’ feel, a laidback and relaxing atmosphere where you can sit back and unwind with music.

Railay West Beach

Railay West Beach is the perfect spot for a sunset, most likely the best sunset location in all of Thailand. With a magical array of colours framed by the towering limestone cliffs, it’s nothing short of spectacular

Once the sun has set then you can either head to one of the bars or restaurants lining the beach, many of them hosting a live band, beach party, or a fire show, or you can simply sit and relax on the beach itself admiring the beauty and tranquility.

Railay East Beach

Railay East Beach has a more reggae feel to it, another great spot to relax, although you won’t be seeing any sunsets on this side.

Home to a wide variety of hotels, restaurants, and bars hosting live music or fire shows. A fantastic area to sit on a bean bag or lay in a hammock and just watch the world go by.

Railay Tonsai Beach

Tonsai Beach in Railay Peninsula is a little harder to get to, but is certainly worth it. There is a jungle path that leads from Railay East to Tonsai, but it is quite long and not overly easy, or alternatively you can walk from Railay West Beach during low tide, or via longtail boat during high tide.

On Tonsai beach it is much quieter, although there are still a number of resorts, restaurants and a few bars, some of a which hosting beach parties. This is the spot you want to go to if you truly want to get away from it all.