Things to do in Krabi

Areas of outstanding natural beauty in Krabi

Railay Peninsula

The obvious choice on the list comes first. Railay is an area of otherworldly beauty, and a personal favourite of many. 
A selection of pristine beaches surrounded by towering limestone cliffs, making it only accessible by boat. Longtail boats to Railay are in abundance and you can find many offering their services from all of the surrounding beaches (Ao Nang, Noppharathara, Ao Nam Mao).
Once you arrive in Railay you will find a selection of hotels, restaurants and laid back Reggae bars (some of which offer more recreational items on their menu), as well as plenty of climbing shops for the obvious reasons. Although you do not need to scale the cliffs in order to appreciate this area, the view from the beaches is already spectacular, however, if you wish a slightly higher position then there are a selection of viewpoints, all of which I would suggest not attempting in footwear lacking much material.
If you’re in the Krabi area, which I assume you are or you wouldn’t be reading this blog then Railay is a must experience for any kind of traveller or holiday maker.



Khao Ngon Nak National Park

Khao Ngon Nak National Park (or Dragon Crest Mountain) is approximately 10km north of Ao nang, right next to a beautifully quiet beach named Tubkaek. 
It consists of a fairly intermediate trek and a number of viewpoints, most notably Nong Thale Peak and a waterfall close to the peak.
The trek can be fairly challenging in the heat, so it is recommended to attempt the climb in the morning before the sun is at it’s highest point, being sure to wear appropriate footwear and bring plenty of drinking water. At a slow pace the walk will take approximately 2 hours.
Although you’re bound to be drenched in sweat once you reach the top, it is certainly worth it for the spectacular view.
If you’re a sucker for scenery and the picturesque like me then Khao Ngon Nak is certainly worth a visit.

Dragon's Peak Viewpoint, Khao Ngon Nak


Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Seua)

Tiger Cave Temple consists of a number of religious buildings, a golden Buddha, an extensive cave network (supposedly to have once been inhabited by tigers – hence the name) and an extraordinary viewpoint. It sits approximately 3km north of Krabi Town and is relatively easy to find. 
The climb to the viewpoint is a similar intensity to Khao Ngon Nak National Park, however, instead of steady walk it consists of 1260 steps. Depending on your preference this can be completed in sandals or flip flops but again be sure to bring drinking water and take plenty of short breaks on the way up.
Once you reach the top you will be greeted by a fountain to refill your water bottle, an impressive gold Buddha and a panoramic view of the Krabi landscape.
Again, certainly worth a visit if you’re a fan of the scenery Krabi has to offer.

Nong Thale Lake

Nong Thale Lake is approximately 5km north of Ao Nang and Noppharatha, a little harder to find than the other destinations on this list as it’s less visited but with the help from a friendly tuk tuk driver or GPS you shouldn’t struggle.
The lake is rather large, surrounded by lush trees and spectacular mountains and is almost certainly best visited at either sunrise or sunset.
You’re more than welcome to go for a quick dip if it takes your fancy, but kayaks are also available to rent if you wish to explore.
You will be left in awe at the beauty of this place and if you happen to be marrying your significant other in Krabi then this is certainly the perfect spot for your wedding photographs.

Nong Thale Lake


Thung Teao Forest Natural Park

Thung Teao Forest National Park is located approximately 50km South East of Krabi Town in the Khao Pra-Bang Kram area.
The area incorporates a lowland forest rich with colour, a waterfall and a nature trail housing many species of wildlife, with the main attraction being a crystal clear emerald pool (pictured below).
Fortunately swimming in the emerald pool is allowed, complete with a tiny ladder for ease of access, but there is an entrance fee of 100 baht for children and 200 baht for adults.
Be sure to add this to your list as not only is the emerald pool straight out of a fairy tale but also you have a strong chance to see some very rare species – but you will certainly need your insect repellent!

Emerald Pool


Koh Phi Phi

Another obvious choice for any visitor to Thailand, but as this is a list of locations of outstanding natural beauty I just couldn’t omit Koh Phi Phi.
Koh Phi Phi is widely known due to featuring in many travellers’ top 5 movie ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo DiCaprio. Most notably featuring the Koh Phi Phi attraction Maya Bay, which unfortunately at the time of writing this post is closed to tourists due to a clean up.
Koh Phi Phi has many activities to keep you busy such as walking trails, rock climbing, caving, diving and snorkelling as well as many resorts, beach bars and also the much talked about beach parties.
Be sure to add Koh Phi Phi to your list as this Eden on earth certainly shouldn’t be missed.

Koh Phi Phi


Four Islands

The four islands is most notably a tour which is widely available from any of the major hubs within Krabi, the islands consist of Koh Poda, Koh Gai (Chicken Island), Koh Tub and Koh Mor. Although the tour isn’t required to visit these islands, any longtail boat captain will happily take you to any of the islands individually.

Each of the islands on the four islands tour are equally beautiful, but Koh Poda being the most well known due to it’s white sandy beaches and turquoise water. At low tide a walkable sandbar will also appear linking the three remaining island, in Thai this is known as ‘Thale Waek’ or ‘separated sea’.

Koh Poda


There are many other areas of natural outstanding beauty in the Krabi area, but unfortunately I am yet to visit them but I will update this list as often as I can.
I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and most importantly I hope it aids you in your trip to Krabi, please feel free to use the comments box below if you believe anything can be added and I’ll ensure I take the time to visit and review.

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