Nightlife in Ao Nang/Noppharathara

Ao Nang Center Point

Ao Nang Center Point is the main nightlife spot in Ao Nang, at least for now (See Ao Nang Landmark Noppharathara Beach). It’s an entertainment complex comprising of 4 floors, loaded with bars, clubs, restaurants, shopping, and even a cabaret show. If you want to be at the heart of the nightlife then this is where you need to be, although expect loud thumping music, so if you’re looking for a quiet night out then it’s probably not the best option. There’s also a hostel on the top floor if you’re looking to stay right where the action is, it has a great bar which happens to be a fantastic spot to watch the sunset as it overlooks the sea.

Ao Nang Center Point is located on Ao Nang Beach Road right next to Burger King, look for the big sign with lots of people handing out flyers at the front.


Ao Nang Soi RCA is the other main nightlife strip in Ao Nang, named after the famous Royal City Avenue in Bangkok. Although it’s slightly different as no clubs will be found here, this strip is solely for beer/girly bars. Having said that, the atmosphere is still fantastic, there are around 12 bars lining both sides of the strip, so if you fancy playing some pool or connect 4 then Soi RCA in Ao Nang is where you should head to.

Soi RCA is located just off Ao Nang road opposite Kokotel.

South End of Ao Nang Beach

The Southern end of Ao Nang beach is a little less known, but is loaded with beach bars/clubs, restaurants, and hotels. Here you will find a much more relaxed atmosphere, where you can sit back with a cocktail, or swing in a hammock while watching a fire show. There are around 4 or 5 main spots here, with a few smaller establishments scattered around.

Located on the Southern end of Ao Nang beach, you can get to this location by turning left at the boat ticket kiosk at the end of Ao Nang road as you approach the beach.

Ao Nang Landmark was traditionally just a night market, but went under a major renovation just before the pandemic and has quickly gained traction as a main, if not the most prominent nightlife spot in Ao Nang and Noppharathara. Boasting a huge area that is home to the biggest night market in Ao Nang with live shows/music every night, many shops and restaurants, a variety of bars, a newly built night club, and even a gym, with more being opened daily.

Located conveniently midway down Noppharathara beach road, with plenty of parking and directly opposite the beach.

Ao Nang and Noppharathara have a variety of venues hosting live music from some of the best bands in Thailand, most of the notable ones being in Ao Nang.

Reggae Town Bar – Located on Ao Nang road, just past BlueSotel.

Boogie Bar – Located down Ao Nang walking street, just behind Burger King.

Full Moon Bar – Located on the road that separates Ao Nang and Noppharathara beaches.

Yesterday Bar – Located at the end of Soi RCA.

4.20 Cafe – A bit further away, located down a side road behind Macro.

The area surrounding Slumber Party Hostel is also home to a few up and coming bars, there isn’t a specific street as they are mostly scattered along the side of the road.

The most notable of which are Chilling bar and Yaksa Bar which is newly opened but has a great aesthetic.